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Folia 12 (1) height= 2011 : Vol 12 (1)
I.M. Turner, A. Ibrahim & C.K. Lim: Remembering Ivan Vladimirovitch Polunin (1920-2010). K. Meekiong, I. Ipor, C.S. Tawan, H. Ibrahim, M.R. Norhati, C.K. Lim & A. Ampeng: Five new ginger species (Zingiberaceae) from the eastern part of Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, Sarawak, Borneo. Y.J. Ng, R. Go, R. Nulit, H.E. Khor, M.C. Tan & F.A. Nordin: New Records of Orchid Species found in the Cloud Forest habitat of Genting Highlands, Pahang. B. Thongam, N. Sarangthem & B. Konsam: Globba schomburgkii Hook. F. (Zingiberaceae): A new record from Manipur, North East India. A. Latiff, K.I.K. Ishak, C.G. Ong & C.A. Ali: Porpax elwesii (Orchidaceae) and Nepenthes sanguinea (Nepenthaceae), two new records for Gunung Matchinchang, Langkawi, Peninsular Malaysia. A. Sumadijaya: An account of the non-bambusoid Alien Grasses (Poaceae) in Java, one century after the first records by Backer. [cover, infold, 79 text pp. 78 b&w and colour illustrations]

Folia 13 (1) height= 2012 : Vol 13 (1)
C.K.Lim: Alpinia asmy (Zingiberaceae), a new species from Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. Electronic publication available. Please click here. K.H. Lau & C.K.Lim: Revision of the Genus Geostachys (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia C.K.Lim: A note about Geostyachys sumatrana Valeton. A.Latiff: A Key to the Genera and Spot Characters of Malesian Vitaceae. H.E. Khor, R. Go, W.N. Wong, S.W. Teoh, J.O.Abdullah, J.Abdullah & P.George: The diversity of limestone orchids in Gunung Regu, Padawan, Sarawak. Charlie. D. Heatubun: Seven recently described species of Areca (Arecacae).[cover, infold, 84 text pp. 114 b&w and colour illustrations]

Folia 13 (2) height= 2012 : Vol 13 (2)
M.Hakkinen, H. Vare & M.J.M Christenhusz: Identity of a Pisang - historical concepts of Musa (Musaceae) and the reinstatement of Musa troglodytarum. R.E. Holttum: Musa species native in Malaya. C.K Lim: Taxonomic Notes on Musaceae in Peninsular Malaysia. H.T. Luu, Q.D. Nguyen, N.L. Vu & T.L.Vo: Ensete lecongkietii (Musaceae) – a new species from Vietnam. S.C. Srivastava, A.Kumar & V. Ranjan: Hedychium tenniflorum (Wall. Ex Baker) K. Schum. (Zingiberaceae): new to the flora of Myanmar. F.A Nordin, R. Go, M.N Saleh, A.S. Othman, Y.J Ng, S. Eum, M.C. Tan & H.Choy: Notes on new records of Orchidaceae at Fraser’s Hill, Pahang, Malaysia. [cover, infold, 90 text pp. 100 b&w and colour illustrations]

Folia 14 (1) height= 2013 : VOL 14(1)
C.K.Lim: A new Zingiberaceae species: Alpinia adana (Zingiberacea), from Kelantan. C.K Lim: Alpinia nobilis Ridl. and the confusion over A.malaccensis. C.K.Lim: The peculiar Apomixis of Musa (Musaceae): field evidence from Peninsular Malaysian taxa. C.K.Lim & K.Meekiong: A new taxon and recent Field Notes on Musaceae in Peninsular Malaysia. A. Alfred, M.Sabu, A. Ashfak & P.E.Sreeth. Musa laterita Cheeseman (Musaceae): A new record for India from the wild, with a Key to the Musa (Section Rhodochlamys) in India. H.T.Luu, G. Tran, N.T.Tich, V.D.Nguyen & K.H.V.Le. Arisaema honbaense (Areceae) – a new species from Vietnam. I. Faridah Hanum, A.Zainudin Ibrahim & A.Latiff:Rediscovery of Gnetum globosum Markgr. (Gnetaceae) from Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. C. Chanchal & B.Thongam Notes on the Piper species of Manipur, North East India. P.B Sharma, P.J. Handique & H.Suntibala Devi A historical and Taxonomic Overview of Garcinia L. and its reproductive ecology. [cover, infold, 76 text pp. 91 b&w and colour illustrations]

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