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  2008 : Vol 9 (1)
C.PICHEANSOONTHON, A.CHAIYOOT & S .SUKRONG: Jirawongsea, a new genus of the family Zingiberaceae. S.KOONTERM: Kaempferia chayanii (Zingiberaceae), a new species from southern Laos. M. HAKKINEN & C.H TEO: Musa rubinea, a new Musa species from Yunnan, China. Y.S. DEVI, K.H. S. DEVI & P.K. SINGH: Two new additions to the Pteridophytic Flora of Manipur, North-East India. E.SANOJ, V.P.THOMAS, M.SABU & T. RAJESH KUMAR: Stahlianthus involucratus (King ex Baker) R.M Sm. (Zingiberaceae): A new generic record for India. H. ZAHORKA, H. WIRIADINATA & R. RABENSTEIN; Botanic expedition to the mysterious Laut Tinggal in the remote cloud forests of West Sumatra, Indonesia. NORAMLY BIN MUSLIM, A. MAHYUDDIN, T.S. LIEW, M.LAKIM & S. DUNSUL: Balanophora reflexa Beccari, a new record for Mahua, Crocker Range, Sabah Parks, Sabah, Malaysia. C.K.LIM: A new species of Boesenbergia Kuntze from Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia
  2009 : Vol 9 (2)
I. M. TURNER: New species and new records for Polyalthia (Annonaceae) in Borneo. D.J.W. LANE:Notes on flowering in Rhizanthes lowii (Rafflesiaceae). K. MEEKIONG:The extended distribution of the genus Tamijia in Sarawak. K. MEEKIONG., I.B. IPOR, C.S. TAWAN & P. BULAN: A new species of wild banana from Sarawak. S. A. PUNEKAR: Pteroceras indicum (Orchidaceae): a new species from Western Ghats, India. B. THONGAM & R. K. SINGH: Boesenbergia longiflora (Wall.) Kuntze : A new record for Manipur, Northeast, India. S.K. CHATURVEDI & MOAAKUM: Diversity of the genus Hedychium Koenig in the Mokokchung and Zunheboto Districts, Nagaland. P.K. SINGH, S.D. YUMKHAM, S.D. KHOMDRAM, Y.N. DEVI, S.P. DEVI, A.K. DEVI & D.S. NINGOMBAM: Croton caudatus Geisel. (Euphorbiaceae): A new record for Manipur, North-East India. NORAMLY MUSLIM, M. LARKIN & S. LIMBAWANG:Cyrtosia javanica Blume, a new record for Tawau Hills Park, Sabah, Malaysia. C. K. LIM: A new variety of Scaphochlamys kunstleri (Bak.) Holtt, from Perak, with supplementary notes on the species.
  2009 : Vol 10 (1)
LIM.C.K. : A new Zingiberaceae genius from Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia. 
Etlingera linguiformis (Roxb) R.M Sm. (Zingiberaceae)- Anew record from Manipur, North East India.SACHIN.A PUNEKAR & P. LAKSHMINARASIMHAN : Chirita sahyadrica -(Gesneriaceae), a new species from Western Ghats, India. HAKKINEN M. & R.H WALLACE : Challenges ahead for the banana. M.S JAMILAH, M H. NUR-ATIQAH, S. NURUL-EFFADAH & I. NUR-KHAIRULHUSNA : Pigmy Drosera (Droseraceae) from heath forest on BRIS soil at Setiu, Terengganu. LIM C.K. &G. W. THESEIRA.:
A surprising new variety of Trichosanthes azura discovered. C.S TAWAN, I.B IPOR, M.HIDIR, A, EMPANG, B,MARZUKI & K. MEEKIONG : Two new Begonia species (Begoniaceae) and notes on extended distribution of Begonia calcarea Ridl. From Sarawak, Borneo. I.M TURNER : Artabortrys (Annonaceae) in Borneo: a new species and new synonyms 2009.
  2010 : Vol 10 (2)
M. Wong, J. Nais & F. Gan: Rafflesia su-meiae (Rafflesiacceae) A new species from Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia. R. Galang: The distribution of Rafflesia lobata in the northern section of the central Panay Mountain ranges, Panay Island, Philippines. I. B Ipor, C.S. Tawan, K. Meekiong & A. Simon: A new record of Amorphophallus costatus Hett, (Araceae: Thomsonieae) for Sarawak. I. B Ipor, C.S. Tawan, J. Abai, N. Saupi & K. Meekiong: Notes on occurrence and distributionof Cryptocoryne species in Sarawak, Malaysia. M. Hakkinen, C.H Teo, T. Schwarzacher & Yasmin Rofina Othman: Tentative Classification of the Section Callimusa (Musacea) species by using IRAP marker. C.K. Lim: New record of Trichosanthes emarginata Rugayah (Cucurbitaceae) in Pahang, Malaysia. A. Latiff: In memoriam Kamarudin Mat Salleh (1959-2009)[covers, infold, 53 text pp, 32b&w and colour illustration]

2011 : Vol 11 (1)
C.K.Lim: Taxonomic verification: The Etlingera terengganuensis saga. C.K.Lim & G.W.Theseira: A Taxonomic Note: Differentiating Trichosanthes azurea from T.wawrae. C.S.Tawan, I.B.Ipor & K.Meekiong: Begonia sabriana, a new species from Sarawak. W.H Chak, Kushan U. Tennakoon & L.J. Musselman: The first report about dodders, the angiosperm parasitic genus Cuscuta (Yunker) in Brunei Darussalam: a mystifying occurence. S.K.Ganesan: Popowia alata (Annonaceae), a new species from Borneo. S. Padmabati Devi, P.K.Singh & D.S.Ningombam:.Myrialepis paradoxa Becc. (Arecacee): A new record from India. Charles Teh: An Overview of Bamboos Found in Penang. I.B Ipor, C.S.Tawan & K.Meekiong: Two New species of Amorphophallus (Araceae) from Kalimantan, Indonesia and Peninsular Malaysia. K.H Lau, A.L.Tan, S.M.Mat Yunoh, C.P.Lee, M.K. Nurnida & M.Nor-Zuhailah: Days with Kamarudin Mat-Salleh: Eulogies from his students.[covers, infold, 50 text pp, 84 b&w and colour illustration]

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