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  2005 : Vol 6 (1 & 2)
I.M Turner: H.N Ridley –an extraordinary Botanical Traveller; M.Sabu & A.K. Pradeep: The spectacular Hedychiums of Northeast India; C. Picheansoonthon & P.Mokkamul: Two new species of Hedychium Koenig(Zingiberaceae)from Thailand; C.D Heatubun: The rediscovery of Beccari’s Nengella flabellate in Irian Jaya Barat; Nguyen Van Du &P.C.Boyce: Two new species of the genus Arisaima (Araceae: Arisaemateae) from northern Vietnam; C.K.Lim: A new species of Scaphochlamys Baker (Zingiberaceae) from Terengganu and Pahang in Peninsular Malaysia; M.Hakkinen: Ornamental Bananas: notes on the section Rhodochalamys (Musaceae) [covers, infold, 51 text pp, 38 b&w and colour illustrations]

2005 : Folia 6(3 & 4)
C.K.Lim: Two new species of Penanga Blume (Arecaeae) from Sarawak, Malaysia; K.H.Lau, C.K.Lim & Mat Salleh : Two new species of Geostachys (Zingiberaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia; MRHenderson & C.G.G.J.Van Steenis: Bibliography of the works or MR.H.N.Ridley from 1872 to 1935; C.K.Lim: Fotofolia: A selection of Palm and Ginger Flora discovered by H.N.Ridley; W.J.J.O.De Wilde & A.Vogel: A new species of Aspidistra (Convallariaceae) from Perak, Peninsular Malaysia; K.Meekiong, I.B.Ipor & C.S.Tawan: A new banana: Musa sakaiana (Musaceae) from Sarawak, Malaysia; Agus Susatya, Wahyudiarianto & K.Mat Salleh: Rafflesia bengkuluensis (Rafflesiaceae), a new species form south Sumatera, Indonesia. [covers, infold, 50 text pp, 32b&w and colour illustration]

2006 : Folia 7(1 & 2)
R. Galang & D.A.Madulid: A second new species of Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae) from Panay Island,Philippines; M.Jutta & Q.Z. Faridah: Conservation Status of the Malaysian Slipper Orchids: Paphiopedilum Pfitz. (Orchidaceae); Q.Z. Faridah & I. Raship: Molecular Studies of the slipper orchid Paphiopedilum rothschildianum (Rchb.f.) Stein; I.M El-Sherif & A. Latiff: A taxonomic revision of Abdulmajidia Whitmore (Lecythidaceae); K.Meekiong, I.B Ipor, C.S Tawan & M.Muliati: Three new species from Sarawak, and notes on the cauliferous Costus Group (Costaceae, Subgenus Paracostus)[covers, infold, 56 text pp, 34 b&w and colour illustrations]
2007 : Vol 8 (1)
I.B.Ipor, C.S.Tawan, A.Simon, K. Meekiong & A. Fuad: A new species of Amorphorphallus (Araceae: Thomsonieae) from Sarawak; J. Bogner: A new Homalomena species (Araceae) from Sumatra; Noramly Muslim, Maklarin Larkin, Johnny Lapidin & Bernedict Butit: Cyrtosia javanica Blume from Mesilau, Sabah Park and Sayap-Kinabalu, Sabah; Manju C. Nair, K.P. Rajesh & P.V. Adhusoodanan: The genus Philonotis Brid. (Bartramiaceae: Bryopsida) in Peninsular India; C.K. Lim & G.W.Theseira: A new species of Trichosanthes L. (Cucurbitaseae) with blue fruit, from Peninsular Malaysia; Embi Abdullah: The discovery of the genus Monomeria Lindl. (Orchidaceae) in Cameron Highlands: a new record for Malaysia. [covers, infold, 41 text pp. 59 b&w and colour illustrations]

2007 : Vol 8 (2)
C.Picheansoonthon, C.K.Lim, S.Sukrong & A.Chaiyoot: A new species of Caulokaempferia (Zingiberaceae) from southern Thailand. M.Hakkinen & R.Wallace: Musa siamensis, a new Musa species (Musaceae) from S.E Asia. M. Hakkinen, G.B Hu, H.B Chen & Q.J Wang: The detection and analysis of genetic variation and paternity in Musa, section Rhodochlamys (Musaceae). R. Galang: Population study of Rafflesia lobata in the northern section of the central Panay Island mountain ranges, Philippines. S.P. Devi &P.K.Singh: A new record of Rattan from Manipur, Northeast India. C.K.Lim: Anew species of Plagiostachys Ridl. (Zingiberaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia and southern Thailand. C.K.Lim: A new Alpinia species from Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. C.K.Lim & K.Meekiong: The baffling Amorphophallus bufo Ridl., and other Peninsular Malaysian taxa. Corrigendum; Amorphophallus ranchanensis Ipor, Simon & Tawan sp nov. Philonotis supplementary illustrations, Homalomena erratum

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