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2003 : Vol 4 (2)
C.K. Lim: Zingiber aurantiacum (Holtt.) Theilade, Z. Petiolatum (Holtt.) Theilade, and two related new taxa from Peninsular Malaysia & Thailand; Bee Gunn: Notes on James Herbert Veitch, F.L.S., F.R.H.S.; J.H. Veitch: A Traveller’s Notes; G. Argent: New Taxa and Combination of Rhododendron L. section Vireya H.F. Copeland (Ericaceae) from the Malesian Region; A. Latiff & I.M. Turner (eds.): Quarterly Notes: New Taxa & Records of Malaysian Vascular Plants; Kamarudin Mat-Salleh: PHOTOFOLIA: Illustrations of interesting flora, from Langkawi, Bintulu & Danum [covers, infold, 72 text pp, 46 b&w and colour illustrations]
2003 : Vol 4 (3 & 4)
A. Latiff & M. Wong: A new species of Rafflesia from Belum in Upper Perak; C.K. Lim: A new species of Iguanura Blume from northern Peninsular Malaysia; H.N. Ridley: A Scientific Expedition to Temengoh, Upper Perak; C.K. Lim: Taxonomic Notes on Elettariopsis Baker, and new taxa from Peninsular Malaysia & Thailand; A. Latiff & I.M. Turner (eds.): Quarterly Notes: New Taxa & Records of Malaysian Vascular Plants [covers, infold, 103 text pp, 54 b&w and colour illustrations]

2004 : Folia 5(1)
C. Picheanssonthoon & P. Mokkamul: A new species of Caulokaempferia from southern Thailand; M. Juta: Phaius callosus (Blume) Lindl.: a case for Malaysian subspecies; M. Juta: Phaius indigoferus Hassk.: G.Rusea, A. Lattif & R. Jaman: Two new species for Tectaria Cav. (Dennstaedtiaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia; B.J. Chee: A new record of Johannesteijsannia perakensis in Kedah; C.K.Lim: Palms & Gingers of Belum and Temenggor Revisited – sinces Ridley’s 1910 Account; Kamarudin Mat-Salleh & I.M.Turner (eds): Quarterly Notes: New Taxa & Records of Malaysian Vascular Plants. [covers, infold, 55 text pp, 70 b&w colour illustrations]

2004 : Folia 5(2)
C. Pincheansoonthon & P. Mokkamul: Two new Caulokaempferia taxa (Zingiberaceae) from northeastern Thailand; M. Hakkinen: Musa campestris Becc. (Musaseae) varieties in northern Borneo; Abdul Aziz Bidin: Species of Platycerium Desv. (Polypodiaceae) in cultivation in malaysia – with notes on the rare Platycerium ridley H. Christ.; K.H.Lau: Observations on the endemic Geogtachys (Bak.) Rild. of Penang Hill and its environment; Mohd. Azlan Jayasilan, H. Wiriadinata, Kade & KamarudinMat-Salleh: New record and extended distribution of Rafflesia pricei Meijer in Kalimantan. [covers, infold, 36 text pp, 69 b&w and colour illustrations]
2004 : Vol 5 (3 & 4)
P.C.Boyce: The Aroids of Borneo; C.K.Lim: Alpinia mythiana-a new species previously consider to be a variety of Alpinia rafflesiana Wall. ex Baker; P.Mokkamul: A new species of Caulokampferia from northern Thailand. [covers, infold, 78 text pp, 86 b&w colour illustration]
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