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2000 : Inaugural issues: (Vol 1)Number 1
C.K. LIM: Taxonomic Notes on Etlingera Giseke (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsualr Malaysia: the “Nicolaia” taxa. [covers, infold, 16 text pp, 7 colour illustrations]
2000 : (Vol 1)Number 2
C.K.Lim & T.C. Whitmore: The magnificent Johannesteijsmannia Palms of Malaysia; Mohd Nor Jamalul Lail: Mohamed Haniff (1872-1930) of the Penang Botanic Gardens: A Bibliography Tribute to a pioneer Botanist; C.K.Lim: A New Taxon of Haniffia Holttum (Zingiberaceae); I.M. Turner: The Taxonomy of Malaysia Vascular Plants: New Taxa (1996-2000) and Endemic Genera. [covers, infold, 76 text pp, 52 b&w and colour illustrations]
2001 : Vol 2 (1)
A. Latiff: An Appraisal of Malaysian contribution to Flora Malesiana; H.S Yong & C.K. Lim: The once-common Weed formerly called Vanda hookeriana; C.K. Lim & T.C. Witmore: The endangered Areca Palms of Peninsular Malaysia; A. Takano, Hernawati & R. Tamin: Notes on Globba Linnaeus in Sumatra, W. Malaysia & Borneo: a new record of G. brachyanthera var. rubra in Sumatra; C.K. Lim: The “Firebird”: a resplendent new Zingiber from Peninsular Thailand & Malaysia; C.K. Lim: The scented Zingiber wrayi: a new variety [covers, infold, 64 text pp, 56 b&w and colour illustrations]
2001 : Vol 2 (2)
A. Latiff: “Priorities & Strategies for Malaysian Botany II: An assessment of recent contributions by taxonomists in Malaysia”; A Latiff: Notice of Priority of E. terrenganuensis C.K.Lim; H.M.Cheaw & C.K.Lim: Perah: Beauty of the Belum rainforest; Kamarudin Mat-Salleh: New and noteworthy species of Bornean Goniothalamus (Annonaceae); C.K.Lim: Notes on Scaphochlamys kunstleri (Zingiberaceae) and its varieties; I.M.Turner & A.Latiff (eds.): Quarterly Notes: New Taxa & Records of Malaysian Vascular Plants; Mohd Nor Jamalul Lail: Aberrant flowering of Geostachys (Zingiberaceae) observed [covers, infold, 78 text pp, 54 b&w and colour illustrations]

2001 : Folia 2(3)
I. Polunin: Sonneratia and friends of the tidal swamp forests; C.K.Lim: Taxaonomic Notes on Etlingera Giseke (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia: the “Achasma” taxa, & supplementary notes on the “Nicolaia” taxa; A Latiff: Studies in Malesian Vitaceae XII: Taxanomic notes on Cissus, Ampelocissus, Nothocissus, Tetrastigma, and other genera; C.K.Lim & T.C.Whitmore: A Review of Nenga (Palmae) in Malaysia; A. Latiff & I.M.Turner (eds.): Quarterly Notes: New Taxa & Records of Malaysian Vascular Plants; C.K.Lim: A Notice regarding Boesenbergia O. Kuntze & Scaphochlamys Bak [covers, infold, 84 text pp, 81 b&w and colour illustration]

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